Haute Design

East meets West often describes the juxtaposition that is glam, beauty, and seductive, as it is invigorating, natural, and peaceful.  Together the facets are meant to bring absolute joy in the spirit of their environments. “After sharpening my insight in decades of work combining design skills with the ancient Feng Shui tenants, I have created a design technique you will not find anywhere else ---

About Carole

"Carole Shashona uses her fine art background and knowledge of Feng Shui to create prosperous, peaceful interiors."  - By Carie Storke Williams

Building her company thirty years ago after being given the title of Grand Master in the art of Feng Shui. She used her rich education and teachings to create one of the most well-known interior design firms, catering to celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, prominent hotels, and cultural institutions. The look is chic and dramatic, and the contrast of feminine and masculine yin-yang is what inspires her work. And don’t we all dream of creating an oasis at home?
“Everyone,” says Shashona, “desires to have romance, love, good health, ad to ultimately life a fruitful and fulfilling life.”

Recognized as an authority of color and fashion she authored Feng Shui Chic, published by Simon and Schuster. Her book became a fashion “must have”, bringing her blend of Style and Sprit to the masses.

Currently, Carole’s signature approach is displayed from designing celebrities and their homes to creating jewelry designs becoming a leader in the fashion world.

Atelier Consultations

Carole’s Professional Services offer luxe style to both Architects and Designers, a unique cooperative partnership to create designs with specific functions, colors and forms to enhance and bring harmony within the walls for their clientele. 

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